Multimedia Live Dance Performance

How images learned to be alive!

For the first time images become alive. A feast of sensuality in three dimensions.

The Dance of Sensuality in a unique and new form of art, using latest technology. We combine state-of-the-art computer and projection techniques with exquisite live dance, performed by an attractive dancer in ever changing metamorphosis. Light, colours, music and dance merge with the help of selected images, some of them specially produced for the show, into an unforgettable event.

Especially the fact that the images are not projected onto a screen make the performance something unique. Our dancer's movements will make the images come alive in three dimensions.

An intriguing experience, when music, movement, colours and images merge to perfect unity, providing a feeling of wholeness for the spectator indulging in the Dance of Sensuality.
Music, Movement, colours and images in perfect harmony - a feast of sensuality appealing to all your senses.

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