Body Painting (Nude) Dance Performance

"The Living Tree Performance"

Art and nature as a unity, created by a team of artists. Painting, body painting and performance grow together to form a fascinating world. Is it a wood, is it a nude woman or is it simply nature - nature of the art - the art of nature or art. Visions or reality, tree or human being? A question that remains unanswered when you delve into this performance.

The show, put on stage with sound and light choreography and fog, leaves a unique impression.

One or more trees, climbing plants and a bird become alive, form monuments, grow out of the stage or out of the ground, create an avenue or suddenly appear in the park, theatre or at the location. The different elements of the performance may also be used individually (even in daylight).

Multiple possibilities of performance, adaptable to the event and location, with a possible extension by matching paintings; a fascinating excursion into complex impressions and illusions.

Basic programme:
One or more trees (performer with body painting) with painted treetops and decoration as statues on pedestals, single or forming an avenue, open air or indoors, in daylight.

In twilight or the dark, open air or indoors, on pedestals or on stage with spotlights; with change of place (e.g. over a catwalk, in a magic circle, in a park); as choreographed dance performance with fog, wind, mystic music, light choreography and stage direction; Tree(s) are created and change into human beings, climbing plants (dancers with body painting) grow out of the ground, become alive, dance to the music and - with the help of a bird-being - ensnare the trees.

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