"Carmina Burana" by Carl Orff

Scenes from the eternal striving of mankind interpreted in multimedia images to the music from Carmina Burana by Carl Orff.
Together with the artist, the spectator sets out on a journey - the quest for the ultimate, the perfect - driven by the wheel of fate.

Searching and Finding
Space and Time
Nude and Mysticism
A superb multimedia fascination

The texts of Carmina Burana are taken from songs of a Benediktbeuer manuscript, probably collected in the Codex Latinus Monacensis 4660 in the 13th century and in that way preserved for posterity. They consist of Latin, Middle High German and Provence verses, dealing with the elemental things of life.

Carl Orff himself chose the term "imaginibus magicis" - "magic images" - as an expression for his work, to open the door for the interpretation in a fantastic visualisation.

These prerequisites were the basis for this multimedia interpretation of Carmina Burana with emotional images from the whole world, specially produced for the show and presented with latest technology.

The spectator witnesses the interplay of the symbols of life, entranced and caught or free and unattached in the wide universe.

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